Monday, December 22, 2008

As Christmas approaches, I must say THANK YOU to EVERYONE in our lives who have each touched our hearts in a different loving way! We love you ALL!

Zachary, is doing OK. The spots are Cancer however I am not letting that out of the BAG just yet. I haven't mentioned the phone calls from the Team in NY to anyone (not even my own husband or family) YET. I suppose I want everyone to have a Beautiful worry free Christmas therefore carry the news until after the hoidays!

If your reading this, please.... keep it to yourself as I haven't reached out to anyone in regards to MY personal feelings. For now I am simpy going to TRY and Manage Christmas with HOPE and Faith this is just yet another stepping stone for our little Zachary...

Thank You,
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 10, 2008




Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Dillon...

Friday, December 5, 2008

A True Friend.. Zachary's HERO...

Pls. read the story, Dwayne and Dave are GREAT Friends of ours! We love them Dearly! *pictured is Zachary and Dave Lewis-Dwaynes Father)
Boy do we LOVE these two men!

The Story of Dwayne & Dave Lewis
(by editor of Ronald McDonald House of New York)

Over two years ago, while visiting New York from Trinidad, seventeen-year-old Dwayne Lewis became so ill, he was rushed to the emergency room. Eventually he and his family were told that the lump on his chest, which was diagnosed as tendonitis or a sports injury in Trinidad, was actually a malignant tumor.As of November 2006, Dwayne has been with us for two years. At age 20, he is not only the oldest "kid" in the house, but the only one attending college. Dwayne began his second semester at Hunter College this fall and is doing very well, both physically and in class. We're not bragging, but first semester: Dean's List! Staying in the house with Dwayne is his father David, an engineer who retired early so as to remain with his son while his wife continues to work and care for their daughter, Deisha, in Trinidad. David knows everything about his son's treatment and activities and after talking for awhile, it is clear that these two are not only father and son, but really good friends. When asked what their favorite thing about the House is, they both mention the sense of community. "We are like a family here." David adds, "We share everyone's sorrow and everyone's joy.Like all families, everybody has their role and Dwayne is the "go to" guy for anything relating to music downloads, iPods or computer and video games. Dwayne is always helping the younger kids with loading an mp3 player with music, or how to get past that really tough level on a game console. Dwayne is one of the many people at the House that is easy to admire. Even Dwayne admires the other kids in the House. Especially the little kids, "They're so small," he says, "with such big diseases."
Dwayne has no idea when he'll see Trinidad again or play soccer or cricket or return to karate, in which he has a black belt, but he knows he will.

Today is Friday, Zachary is Sick AGAIN!!! Boy I dislike the winter months, at least he doesn't have a line in any longer and I don't have to rush him to the hospital because of Fevers and such, for that I am thankful!

Today, were going on the HUNT to find Santa Clause... Yes... I am going to stand in the miserable line to get the kids pictures taken on St. Nicks lap. (If I can find Santa) We went out yesterday to a mall close by and there were NO SANTAS around! The boys were bummed because I kept telling them were off to see Santa so you can tell him why you deserve a gift this year!

Both boys got very excited and simply started rambling off what they want! It was so sweet to see them so excited about Santa and Christmas.

This year also will be the first year for the boys that we box up all their old toys and take them to the homeless shelter, this also teaches them to share and be kind! Something I like to do every year with the kids toys and somem of my own items I haven't used for a year!

I think this will be an experience for the boys, to see their toys going away, and them giving them away themselves!

Until Next Time!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

This is DILLON, His "Head" Shots today! He loves the camera... Don't laugh to hard... :o)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Speed Scrap Again Today

Today there was another Speed Scrap... These are great fun and are really starting to make sense to me because I have decided to do all the speed scrap pages in a 12x12 albu. When I reach a complted album, I will then have it printed through Heritage Mmakers!

Here are my Pages, I still have the Lead in page to complete.. That will be...

I am Thankful For...

My Children.....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today is my husbands Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM!!! He went golfing EARLY this morning w. a freind so I haven't seen him yet today! When he gets home we plan to surprise him with a cake, balloons, and some gifts from the kiddos!
Also, we may go out for CRAB tonight as his special sinner treat or KOBE Japaneese Steak House. We all love Crap and KOBE, however it's his choice...

I am going to dress my boys up and take picturesof them to keep them busy and out of trouble today and do a little house cleaning!

I know it's so very FUN around our house!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have tons more.. differet angles and outfits! What a FUN day we played dress up and she sang Hannah Montana to me! Lex, YOUR BEAUTIFUL!

Some New Pics. I took today!

Little Lexi, She is a Doll... Heres a few pics I shot today!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Gettin' Ready for a Photo Shoot Tom.

UPDATE: TODAY WAS A WONDERFUL DAY, THANK YOU KIM w.INSIDE EDITION this will be a great feature for the Band of Parents and the Cookie Fundraiser.... :o)

I wll be getting ready for a photo shoot today, for tom. Little Lexi is coming over and were gonna have some fun.. I really think this will be a good time for me to focus on some techniques I have learned by a friend of mine (Mark) and by reading and doing my homework.

Later tonight, I will concentrate on my homework.... yeahhh I love it...
XHTML, DreamWeaverCS3, and Photoshop CS3.. Tons of knowledge and to me knowledge is something we all need to keep gaining in life no matter our age..

Also, today we will be making a unique christmas card for Kim... Wait to see what is turns out like, you will LOVE it!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


As I finish up today FINALLY... It is 12:37 am. I had alot of work to do and well I didn't get it all done but I did put a huge dent in it so I am happy about that. I did get three clients projects completed, which will leave me some time to finish two more clients projects this week, plus a photography project and then my own Christmas Stuff.
Ohh. I also was able to get my OWN Turkey Day Cards done and mailed to family, sorry people I only mailed like 6 but I LOVE you ALL TOO!!! :o)
Well I better hit the sack cause tomorrow will come EARLY with Zachary & Dillon jumping in bed with me and telling me "mom, get up.. I'm hungry"
Until Next time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pictures Today

I plan on playing with my camera, light bx and stand today! I believe I have a new lens sitting at the post office. I will run over an grab it and PLAY with that too.. When I need a break I plan to go to the driving range and hit a few bucket of balls! I will take a some pictures of the family and well simply just HANG OUT!

The weather is not that great, tho I need to fold up the pool liners and winterize them. I think Shane will be making home made Chilli today (with deer meat) and working to finish up his latest gazrage project. When it completed I will post a few pics. of it here.

The boys decided to get up SUPER early today (odd for them) and get into well the food. I didn't hear the get up (usually I do) I think they knew they were doing something they shouldn't be doing. I go up at 7:32 am to find Zahary eating a large bowl of peanut butter, with salami on top of it (talk about turning my stomach) Dillon, was just sharing the salami with Zachary.

Boys are nothing like girls, Miranda never did a 1/3 of what these two do... BOYS... arggg....

So Pete and Re-Pete are now on my well "Shit List" already today at 7:32 am, but they are so cute I an't be mad for too long..

Other then that were just hanging out today being "House Hobits"

Chow for Now! :o) :o) :o)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today Was a Fun Day....

We went running around and took the boys to lunch at the Silver Diner in Tysons Corner, after we headed to the Golf store to drool over the new "Cool" clubs and gear. Then we headed to Home Depo to get some PVC pipe to build my light box stand. Once we got home we ate dinner then after dinner we built my light box stand and to my surprise it turned out AWESOME!

I will use the light box for some indoor projects I have taken on for to strengthen my photography skills....

I can't wait to use it for the first time tomorrow! I will post a picture of the photo box and stand later tonight! You may be thinking I am a bit NUTS but this thing was simple to make and inexpensive, which is even better!

Here is the Photo Box and Stand, on the left the lights are off and on the right the lights are on. I have to still add tissue paper to the two sides of the box for difusing the lights but other then that I am ready t oshoot.... The black thing is a piece of felt on a stand!
What do you think of my creation?
Pretty Cool Right! Now stay tuned for some test pictures from it!
If anyone wants the directions on how to build this I will be glad to share them with you just shoot me a msg. Thx!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let Me Design Your Holiday Cards

Do you want to make a lasting impression with your friends and family?
Would you like "YOUR" holiday cards to stand out from all the rest?
Would you like to put smiles on everyones faces when they read you card?

Then.... Let me design your Hoilday Card for you...
Ask Me How! (send me and email)

Lets get Scrappin'



Most of you know I have a passion for photography. So, I have ventured out and decided to step up my photography skills. I am shooting with a DSLR now and have been tinkering around with the camera while learning some important stuff about the Aperature, Macro, Metering, Light etc. There is ALOT to remember but I am sure once I get it all down I will be a great photographer!

Today... I made a photo light box... I will post the picture once I finish it.. But it was inexpensive and EASY, EASY to make! If your into photography like I am you may want to consider making one of these for yourself to practice with. I am excited to try it out!

Speed Scrap Today

Today, Channon dear friend of mine showed me how to "Speed Scrap" on-line. I learned something important today.... That was "Every Page is Beautiful". The scrap was an online instructional webinar. Channon gave us instructions on what to do every 10 minutes, thus creating beautiful pages in 1 hour. What a great way to get your ALBUMS DONE.
I am a Virgo, and I tend to over think things alot which makes me go back, and back, and back again until I get a final page I LIKE, and even then I want to change it. I have to learn to scrap, and leave it alone. The speed scrap helped me see the light today!

Memory Making.....
Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to our lasting memories.
Ask me how to preserve yours!